Being creative for an Outdoor Advertising Campaign

March 22, 2016 Admin

An outdoor advertising campaign has to be all about visual storytelling. A billboard that conveys an effective message will grab a person's attention. It will create a memorable impression that will make the person think about the billboard even after they have driven past it. The first thing that should be remembered while designing the billboard is to keep it simple. Simplicity goes a long way because those who see billboards only have a few seconds to look at it. They might be travelling past it at a high speed and simplicity will allow them to easily comprehend what the billboard conveys. Short simple words and very short sentences should be used. The idea is to make a great impact with minimum material and within minimum time. Fonts that are used should be large and legible. The use of contrasting colours is always recommended for good readability. Do remember that the billboards should be equally legible in the day as well as night time.

In an outdoor advertisement campaign, the image of a celebrity makes a lot of difference. Using a celebrity for a campaign can increase awareness about a brand and a product. It can also cause the person to remember the product as they tend to associate the actor with the brand every time they see the celebrity. There are a few reasons why celebrities are used to create more value for an ad campaign. They will transfer value to the brand. Celebrities also help to establish a sense of credibility to a brand. Since they are usually associated with quality work they will perpetrate a sense of quality around the product. When a celebrity is involved in a campaign it makes it possible to create a sense of public interest to a campaign. When celebrities are used in a campaign they also add an element of glamour and lend their credibility to the advertisement. A huge billboard of a celebrity in a very prominent part of the city is bound to grab the attention of the public.

Instead of just using billboards and street furniture as spaces to feature two dimensional photos, there are attempts to create 3D images that grab the attention of passersby. Huge pizzas that seem to give a 3D effect and giant replicas of products that seem to perform their task with the surrounding are all eye catching to look at. There are billboards with giant replicas of shaving razors that are placed strategically over a freshly trimmed lawn to make it look like the razor has shaved the lawn. There are also user friendly advertising tools like the one of a sneaker boutique which dispenses dog bags. The caption that is given is 'Clean Street=Clean Sneakers'. There are advertisements of COA's 'Having-involved-parents program' with a bus stop measure which can be used to measure the height of children. These advertisements not only advertise their products but also serve a practical purpose.

Outdoor advertisements offer a huge canvas for innovation. It is left to the advertisers as to how they will use the space. They have the option of having a stunning celebrity picture promoting a brand. It is a very easy but sure-fire way to grab the attention of the masses. By using some creativity it is possible to create a billboard that people will remember for a long time. It can either serve a practical purpose or convey a serious message. In the recent past due to the advent of the internet outdoor advertising did see a period of decline. With brilliant creativity ad makers ensured that the magnitude of outdoor advertising was revived. New ideas have emerged that are a far cry from the two dimensional pictures that occupied the large canvases. Out of the box ideas have been used that have attracted users towards a product. Outdoor advertising is indeed a great tool of advertising and with the right amount of creativity advertisers can definitely grab the attention of the masses.

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